Our international networks

We are members of the world’s leading independent commercial broker networks.

This gives us access to the specialist expertise of more than 300 insurance, employee benefits and pensions consultants in more than 140 countries. So we can find the best and most cost-effective solutions for your international business.

E-Qua is a global partnership of independent insurance brokers and benefits consultants. Members work across borders to share expertise, and assist clients worldwide in finding the right solutions. Former CEO of DDW Group Alexander de Waal was co-founder of E-QUA.

Based in North America, TechAssure is an elite group of insurance brokers. Each member is an expert in designing insurance and risk management programs for companies with technology-related risks. Members work with cutting-edge technology and life sciences companies, clean tech industries and the venture capital investors that fund them. DDW Group CEO Fabrice de Waal is a board member of TechAssure.

Unison Brokers
unisonBrokers is one of the largest independent and medium-sized brokerage networks worldwide. The global unisonBrokers network is controlled from Hamburg and Chicago, and allows its members access to cross-border insurance solutions of high quality and excellent service.

WING Insurance
DDW Group is a founding member of the Worldwide Insurance Network Group (WING), which brings together independent insurance brokers from more than 55 countries. WING offers co-ordinated and integrated insurance and risk management solutions for international businesses. DDW Group CEO Fabrice de Waal is a board member of WING.

De Waal & Partners International Broker Management
We can assist domestic brokers with their clients' international insurance needs through our specialist division, De Waal & Partners International Broker Management.

We carefully match client requirements to the expertise of the individual partners in our international network, to ensure brokers find the right contact for their clients’ needs.