Our logo

As we celebrate 80 years in business, DDW Group is proud to unveil our new logo: one that represents our past, present and future.

Our previous logo showcased our heritage, by displaying the building that was our place of business for over 50 years. The new one reflects the core values on which DDW Group’s continued success will be built.

Colors of confidence and success

The blue and gold colors of the logo are equally significant.

Blue symbolizes confidence and loyalty. Our clients have confidence in our capabilities and the solutions we provide.

Gold symbolizes  courage, quality and reputation. We stand for our clients; we are proud of the quality of service we deliver, and the reputation we have built up.

Symbols of protection and stability

Our logo consists of two lions holding a shield with an anchor in the middle.

The design refers to our roots using the coats of arms of the Netherlands and Amsterdam. Every element represents a value of what DDW Group stands for.

The lions symbolize leadership and strength, as demonstrated by more than 80 years offering insurance solutions, while always putting our clients first.

The shield symbolize protection, stability, steadfastness and security. As a commercial insurance broker, that’s exactly what we strive to provide to our clients.